The environs’ composition is old and absorbs the reality in an undecisive manner. The neighbourhood is surrounded by vegetable gardens, abandoned lots, factories, factory ruins, working class quarters, small palaces, train tracks and a cemetery.

If I leave the windows uncleaned for a few months, a filter is created and that makes the landscape less luminous. I listen to the radio and look for a paper with things written on it. I clean the glass windows.

Somedays it's not clear what is it that should be done. On my way, I encounter many rocks, walls and loquat trees. I sit and watch the few things that move until i decide to go somewhere else.

There is a moment when all the street lamps are switched on, slowly iluminating with a sense of purpose. There is a memory but it remains discreet inside a living room where the tv is on.

Julieta do Vale, 2012