Days when I approach the future. I see that the elements involved in my path maintain an inverse but harmonious movement. All the people go where they're going and I just walk. I need rice and understand why everything is so well lit.

The space of time between events directs thoughts to some pleasant conclusions. I look for the incomplete. Means of transportation are comfortable but I don't fall asleep easily. I try to represent the invisible that surrounds me.

The environments display a surprising asymmetry, through the imbalance and the apparent coincidence of things. By eliminating the non-essential, reducing things to their essence, Japanese design suggests a feeling of infinity.

Space is an entity with four dimensions: height, width, length, and time. You don't have to be full to be useful. The void can be covered by the ability of each one. In the open space where we are, we can structure the flow of time and drink green tea. We can see people passing by. They carry bags full of round stones. They move their arms differently.

The days are short and the wind is biting. I can discover other paths without getting lost. I seem to answer questions that I didn't fully understand in Japanese well. For some reason things flow.

Julieta do Vale, 2007