Days in which I get closer to the future. I see that the elements standing in my way maintain an inverse movement yet harmonious. Everyone knows where they are going and I just walk. I need rice and to understand why everything is perfectly illuminated.

The time space between events provokes thoughts with some pleasant conclusions. I seek the incomplete. The means of transportation are comfortable but I don't fall asleep easily. I try to represent the invisible around me.

The environments display a surprising asymmetry, through the apparent casuality and imbalance of things. By eliminating the unessential, reducing everything to its essence, the japanese design suggests a sense of infinity.

Space is an entity with four dimensions: height, width, length and time. To be useful it's not necessary for it to be full. The emptiness can be filled out by one's abilities. In the open space where we stand, we are able to structure the flow of time and drink green tea. We can look at the people passing by. They carry little bags filled with round stones. Their arms move in a different manner.

The days are short and the wind is piercing. I can find new paths without getting lost. I seem to answer correctly in japanese to questions that I didn't completely understand. For whatever reason, things flow.

Julieta do Vale, 2007